Management Committee


The Management Committee shall manage the PHISC budget and supervise all administrative processes around the budget. All expense requests relating to the budget should be tabled at a main PHISC meeting. In the event that the expense request is deemed urgent, and no PHISC meeting is scheduled to take place the Management Committee may make a decision on the expense request providing that funds are available in the budget.


The scope of the Management Committee is to:

  • Act as a support structure to the PHISC Chairperson
  • Oversee the preparation and submission of the PHISC budget annually
  • Manage the Agreement of Co-operation
  • Manage the process for expense requests
  • Propose and facilitate strategy management¬†

PHISC Management Committee Members

Committee Chairperson Co-Chairperson
PHISC San-Mari Matthee Matt Zylstra
Clinical Coding Erna van Rooyen Lize Muller
Electronic Health Records Lourens Walters David Morrison
Message Standards Maria van der Walt Corné Vaughn
Pharmaceutical Coding Inez Naidu Jeanine Thom
Healthcare Information Governance Hester Huysamen Natalie Zimmelman