Pharmaceutical Coding Sub-Committee

Purpose & Scope

The initial role of the Pharmaceutical Coding sub-committee of PHISC was to do the following:

  • To establish a need for a National Pharmaceutical Coding Scheme. Research was done and a need was established, after which the WHO ATC Classification as the Standard, was recommended.
  • To establish a need for “relationships” to exist between various Pharmaceutical Coding Systems, either within the private sector, or across public and private sectors. Due to public-private partnerships that exist, it was agreed that a crosswalk between NAPPI (private) and NSN (public) was the ideal crosswalk, as first priority. This is now available in the public domain and is maintained on a regular basis.
  • To investigate Pharmaceutical Coding Schemes / Classifications nationally and internationally, to ensure that there is awareness of industry best-practice and that recommendations on national standards are always current and relevant, as well as nationally and internationally progressive. This action is ongoing, and classifications in SA, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have so far been researched.